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Hawler Central Pharmacy (HCP) initially opened its doors in 2009 as a part of Medya Diagnostic Center, in 2012 the pharmacy under the direction of pharmacist Dr Kamaran Kamal went through great changes, with several expansions, it has created a new concept in community pharmacy in the Kurdistan region. It has lead the way in creating a professional image for pharmacies and pharmacists. We have a very wide range of supplies from pharmaceuticals to medical devices and beauty and cosmetics. We have a strong link to the doctor community in Erbil and Kurdistan as a whole, this has allowed us to expand and widen our range of stocked products. Our aim is to help the community by improving access to pharmaceutical and medical supplies, thereby setting a high standard for services. In doing so we hope to encourage change in standards of service delivery in community pharmacies in Kurdistan.

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60 Meter St. Adjacent to Medya Diagnostic Center (MDC) Erbil, Iraq.